Roles and Objectives

The Italian Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Società Italiana di Matematica Applicata e Industriale, or SIMAI) was founded in 1989.
The Society works to achieve an effective interaction between universities, research institutions and industries in various fields of applied mathematics, in an interdisciplinary approach to problems of specific industrial interest.
There is a wide range of applications, including not only technological science, but also economic and social sciences.

SIMAI has exclusively cultural purposes, which are precisely as follows:
a) promote the development of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the disciplines connected to them;
b) establish connections with similar associations or groups, both national and international, interested in the development of Industrial and Applied Mathematics;
c) spread information in the Industrial and Applied Mathematics sector (collect and distribute information regarding events of interest to Members such as conferences, training courses or schools; available positions, such as doctorate scholarships, PhD scholarships or permanent contract positions; inform Members of funding opportunities provided through national and international calls for tender).
d) encourage the coordination of study and research programmes in the areas referred to in subsection a) by promoting contacts between universities, public research institutions and industries.


(exctract from the Statuto)