About Us

The general bodies of the Society are:
– The General Assembly of Members;
– Board of Directors;
– President;
– Board of Auditors.

The Assembly is formed by all Members with the right to vote. The General Assembly is convened by the Board of Directors ordinarily once a year and extraordinarily when the Board deems it appropriate or when it has been requested by at least one fifth of the Members with the right to vote.


  • N. Bellomo (Polytechnic University of Turin) President of the Society
  • G.Fotia (CRS4, Pula) Vice President
  • R. Natalini (IAC-CNR, Rome) Treasurer
  • L. Formaggia (MOX, Polytechnic University of Milan) Secretary
  • M. Primicerio (University of Florence) Past President
  • U. Barberis (ANSALDO RICERCHE, Genoa)
  • A. Iafrati (INSEAN Rome)
  • L. Puccio (University of Messina)
  • A. Speranza (I2T3, Florence)

Board of Auditors
Ersilia Alberti (Rome, President), Sandra Carillo (Sapienza University of Rome), Elena De Angelis (Polytechnic University of Turin)

The operating headquarters of SIMAI is at I.A.C./C.N.R di Roma, at Via dei Taurini, 19 – 00185 Rome.
The hospitality so kindly granted by the IAC also ensures indispensable and vital logistical support not only for the initiatives, but for the very survival of SIMAI.

You may contact us by writing to: simai@simai.eu