International Relations


On an international level, SIMAI belongs to the ICIAM federation, International Council of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, whose membership comprises the National Societies of Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Among these are SMAI: Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles and SEMA: Sociedad Española de Matematica Aplicada. The ICIAM site contains necessary information such as the list of federated Societies, their web pages, the Boards of Directors, conferences, history, and plenty of other useful information. Of particular importance is the site for the next ICIAM Congress to be held in Vancouver in 2011
An important reference is the SIAM Society: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SIMAI is also federated with ECCOMAS. European Community Computational Methods in Applied Sciences This Society is very active in organising important initiatives such as workshops, conferences and schools within the field of scientific computing.
Consolidating its previous activity, SIMAI started many international initiatives in 2010, giving particular attention to joint initiatives with the ICIAM Societies and other European Societies.  The event of greatest interest was the SIMAI 2010 Conference, organised in collaboration with the SEMA Society. The general conferences were shared with renowned Spanish mathemeticians and the participation of Spanish colleagues was higher than any expectation, both in terms of numeric participation and in terms of scientific quality.  Other important initiatives were organised with SIAM and other European Societies.  These initiatives are briefly outlined in this document which will be update periodically. In this initiative, like in others, Members’ suggestions can contribute to more effective SIMAI activities.
Finally, SIMAI’s international editorial activities should be pointed out. In 2010, the volume “Mathematics in Industry III” was published in the World Scientific Series “Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences” as well as the first issue of the SIMAI magazine: “Communications in Applied and Industrial Mathematics’’, at the moment published as an open source magazine Members are encouraged to read the first issue that is part of an initiative to which SIMAI has dedicated the resources and commitment of the Directors.

Nicola Bellomo e Giorgio Fotia